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    What content is allowed? Can I post [insert fictional thing] here?

    We allow all fictional content, but please list the warnings in the subject line of your post for topics that involve common trigger warnings or sensitive themes.


    I signed up and it says I'm banned! Why am I banned?

    If you have just signed up, you're not actually banned. Our forums are only accessible to someone with a Verified role, however if you have no roles at all then our forums think you have been banned. You will get full access to the site when a Mod is able to verify your account.


    How can I be re-verified if I've been inactive?

    Your verified role will be automatically removed after 4 weeks of inactivity. Manual re-verification will be required, simply post in >this thread<


    Why do you check social media accounts?

    In order to prevent spam, trolls, and people otherwise looking to cause harm to our community, we ask people to provide a social media link so we can do a brief check to make sure your values align with ours. We prefer accounts which are personal instead of galleries as we're not here to judge your skill or your content, but rather just get an idea of who you are as a person.

    If your social media account is empty, locked, or private, we cannot verify you.

    The links you provide are only visible to the Mod team and are not public, even after you have been verified.


    I'm inactive on social media, can I still join?

    If you're not very active on social media but would still like to take part in our event and join our forum, please contact us at [email protected]. We're more than happy to have a chat with you to check you've read our rules and understand our policies.

    If you don't have any social media at all, we may not be able to verify you as we require at least once social media account link for sign-up.


    Can I post a character who is original but is set in a fandom world?

    Yes, as long as the character is not a canon character. This includes customisable player characters in MMOs or similar games.


    • Aether/Lumine from Genshin Impact would not be allowed as they are canon characters, even if the player acts as them and can name them.
    • The Warrior of Light from Final Fantasy XIV is allowed as it is a fully customisable character you can create.
    • Red from Pokemon is a canon character, but your Pokemon trainer who may be based on him would be their own character.


    Can I view the forum before I sign-up? I want to see what I'm joining

    For security and privacy, our forum is hidden from anyone who isn't signed up. However we have provided some example screenshots below if you'd like to see what the forum looks like.

    Please note - These screenshots have been taken on the desktop browser version, mobile view looks different. They have also been taken from a Mod account so some features seen may be exclusive to Mods or features which aren't public yet (such as the Clash Submissions option at the top of the screeen, this feature is still in testing).


    Light Mode





    Dark Mode







    Can I post a character who is based off of a canon character but isn't actually canon?

    Yes, as long as the character is not actually the canon character, and can be easily separated from the canon character in question. You're welcome to bring out characters who are 'inspired by' canon characters but ultimately are their own character, including kinsonas/fictives/etc.


    Can I submit an attack with my OC and my friend's favourite canon character?

    Submissions involving canon characters must involve an OC, and submissions must have at least one OC belonging to an opponent. Without these two they don't count for points. Thus if you want to create something with your OC and a canon character, you must involve at least one OC belonging to someone else as well, otherwise it doesn't count for points.


    Can I ask people to "design me a character" as a prompt?

    Yes! Points for the attacker will be counted as with any other standard character (ie, counted as Enemy or Friendly points depending on the target). All rights to the design are transferred to the opponent upon submission of the attack.


    Do I have to make a Character Hub to take part?

    Nope! You're welcome to join the event and just attack other participants without posting up 'victims' of your own. A character hub is only required for being attacked back, as we need to check the character belongs to you.


    Where can I upload images to use for my characters?

    We have yet to find an image hosting service that allows all fictional content. Currently we recommend checking the below sites, but look into what content that do and do not allow on their platforms. At this time, only Aethy allows fictional underage/lolisho content as far as we are aware.

    • Squidge
    • Imgur
    • Discord
    • Aethy
    • Twitter/Tumblr
    • Google Drive


    I want to post content that was created by an Anti (or similar). Should I still credit them?

    All work that isn't created by you must be credited, even if it is by someone unsavoury. You don't need to post a link to them, just their username is okay.

    You may also mention your personal opinion on them if you believe it is necessary, but please be mindful if you go into further detail about our 'No Discourse' rule.


    What's the difference between 'feral' and 'bestiality'?
    The way we differentiate between them is this:

    • Feral is when they may look like animals but they can have human levels of sentience and intelligence
    • Bestiality is when they are considered animals and do not have that intelligence.

    To give an example, fandoms such as Pokemon, Digimon, and My Little Pony are considered feral.

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