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  • Rules

    General Rules

    - 1 -

    You must be 18+ to join CreativeClash spaces.


    - 2 -

    You can post any kind of OCs but please tag any necessary content warnings.


    - 3 -

    To take part you must be comfortable with the idea that 'Fiction does not equal reality'.


    - 4 -

    Do not discuss anything relating to IRL minor attraction, animal attraction, incest, necrophilia, etc.


    - 5 -

    Harassment for any reason is not tolerated, including block-evading, or harassing people outside of CC spaces.


    - 6 -

    Theft of creative works is not tolerated. You must provide a source for anything that are not your own creations. Credit must be a link or posting their username. Showing the username in the image does not count as crediting.


    - 7 -

    Do not post IRL images of minors, bestiality, or gore.


    - 8 -

    Important site information, warnings, strikes, etc will be communicated via email, so you must sign up with a valid email address and ensure we are whitelisted so emails do not go to spam.

    - 9 -

    Banners/images used in profiles must be SFW and list artist credits if you did not create them.

    - 10 -

    No rapidly shaking or flashing images, gifs or videos are to be embedded, and a warning is to be placed before any links containing such content.

    - 11 -

    No piracy encouragement, no links to pirated content, etc. This includes releasing content from behind paywalls such as Patreon.

    - 12 -

    Absolutely NO sharing screenshots from private sections of the site. By this we mean anything not publicly accessible, which currently is anything outside of the Rules, Event Info, and FAQ sections.


    - 13 -

    No venting or discussing discourse or drama on xCreativeClashx.net; no exceptions. If you'd like to discuss these topics or vent, consider joining our Discord, where we have dedicated channels for these topics!


    - 14 -

    No sales of any kind are to be organised on xCreativeClashx.net; no exceptions. This includes commissions. This is because securing a host for CC has been difficult, and managing sales or related disputes is not in our remit.


    - 15 -

    We do not allow users to share, promote, link to, or request assistance with AI generators or AI generated content on this forum. This includes but is not limited to ChatGPT, Dall-E, NAI, Charai, Pokefusion etc.


    - 16 -

    News and articles regarding IRL politics are not permitted in this forum. This includes topics involving political institutions, lawmaking, policing, government bodies/officials, court cases, religious abuse, genocide/homicide/murder, hatecrimes, and terrorism. Discussions of fictional politics are allowed.


    - 17 -

    Do not post content with identifiable information of real people, including photos containing faces, emails, etc. If you’re sharing screenshots of personal texts or interactions, all identifiable information (including names and/or photos) must be fully blocked out.


    - 18 -

    You must respect other users across CC spaces. This is not a space to have discussions on whether or not someone's identity or issue or 'valid' or 'real'. This can include, but is not limited to:

    • Do not use terms such as 'OCD', 'psycho', 'narcissist', 'schizo', or other terms related to mental health disparagingly as these are potentially ableist remarks
    • Do not have discussions on if someone should be allowed to reproduce (in other words: eugenics)
    • Do not deny how someone says they identify, including any & all queer or LGBT+ identities and issues, race, and/or mental illness or neurodivergency
    • Be mindful of how you discuss things you don't like (including fandoms, kinks, characters, etc). Don't kinkshame, and don't be a jerk; if someone is talking about how they like a thing, it's inappropriate to tell them you think it's gross/inappropriate/unattractive/etc unprompted.



    Clash Rules

    - 1 -

    Respect the creator's boundaries and only draw their character in content that the creator has approved of.
    When in doubt ask if you can, or simply don't create that content.

    - 2 -

    All creations submitted must be created by you during the timeframe of the event.

    - 3 -

    Include content warnings on the content if it is applicable.

    - 4 -
    Follow the posting template provided when posting a submission.

    - 5 -
    For your points to count towards the team goals, both you and your opponent must be signed up for a team and have the attacked characters listed in a character hub.

    - 6 -
    No AI-generated content is allowed to be posted as a submission, or in your Character Hubs as reference material. Please see Rule 15 in our General Rules above.


    Character Rules

    - 1 -

    The characters you submit must have been created by you or adopted by you (see 5 for exceptions to this).
    If you share a character with another participating Clasher, only one person may post the character - they will be treated as if they belong to only one of you.


    - 2 -

    All creations you post of the character must be created by you, or link to the original creator of the content.

    - 3 -

    Characters must have content warnings if applicable.

    - 4 -

    Follow the basic posting template provided when listing your character. You may add to this if you want.


    - 5 -

    You may post someone else's character, as long as they are A) not participating in this Clash themselves, B) you have explicit permission to post their character (mods may ask to see proof of permission).



    Submission Rules

    - 1 -

    Submissions must include the template provided in the original submissions post as this includes all the necessary information Staff need to know when counting points.


    - 2 -

    Submissions must include a breakdown of what your submission is for point counting. Examples:

    • Enemy character, full body, flat colour, sketch, no shading, simple background
    • Friendly character, portrait, original model, original texture, no rigging, no background
    • Enemy character portrait, friendly character full body, both clean lines, minimal colour, minimal shading, 4 frames of animation
    • Two enemy characters, 1345 words, detail points

    - 3 -

    Submissions must include warnings for content where appropriate. In general, it's better to include too many warnings than not enough.

    - 4 -

    Submissions involving your own OCs must involve at least one OC belonging to someone else, otherwise the submission won't count for points.
    Your opponents OCs must have equal or more presence in the content as your own OCs.


    - 5 -

    Submissions involving canon characters must involve at least one OC that doesn't belong to you, otherwise the submission won't count for points.
    The OCs involved must have equal or more presence in the content as the canon character.



    "Design Me A Character" Prompts

    We do allow "Design me a character" prompts, and subsequently, submissions for Clashes.

    Character design submissions must be original art, or at least 50% original assets for 3D modelling, crafts or custom figures/dolls, etc.

    The artist forfeits design rights to said character design upon submission as a Clash entry. Submissions of image(s) containing character designs intended for two or more opponents must have all designs clearly labelled with the intended recipients, or the submission may be discarded as an entry.

    Character design submissions will be counted for points as any other character submission.


    Content Warnings

    For the comfort and safety of other participants we ask that you add content warning tags (as applicable) to your characters and posts. A sample list of what content we would like people to tag for is below.

    What we mean by 'tagging your posts' is literally tagging them as per our post-tagging system (you can find out how to do that here), as well as including them in the body of your post somewhere appropriate, such as with a profile or character. Tags for content must also be placed directly before any links that contain content worthy of warning if linking to external sites.

    Everyone is welcome to post whatever content they like, and likewise can list what content they do and do not consent to receiving.

    Please respect other participants and do not create content for them they have explicitly stated they do NOT want to receive. We encourage communication so please ask your 'victim' if you aren't sure what content they would like, or simply don't create it unless explicitly listed.

    Please at least warn for the following content:

    • Dead Dove content such as underage, incest, bestiality, non-con, gore, vore, etc
    • Triggering content such as self harm, eating disorders, drug use, etc
    • Hateful content such as hate group imagery, racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc.

    This list is not exhaustive and Mods may as you to add additional content warnings if we feel it is necessary.

    When in doubt, it's best to add tags for anything you think of. It will always be better to list warnings you're unsure about than leave them out.


    Three Strike System

    We operate on a Three Strike system for moderation. You can receive a strike if you break our rules or as a result of inappropriate actions on our site.

    You can receive two strikes, then on the third strike you are banned from the event.
    We may issue a warning to caution you of certain actions instead of a full strike.
    When issuing a warning or a strike, you will receive notification on your account.
    You are welcome to appeal to Staff regarding a warning or strike, or ask for clarity on our actions.

    Some actions will result in an instant ban from CC spaces. This is a non-exhaustive list of criteria that can result in an instant ban:

    • You are found to agree with the theft of creative works to program AI-generation
    • You are found to be harmfully homophobic, racist, transphobic, etc, or be associated with a hate group.
    • You are found to be, support, or knowingly share spaces with pro-contact or neutral contact harmful paraphiles
    • You are found to share non-public CC information outside of CC spaces. This includes sharing screenshots, or copy-pasting text.

    In the event you are banned, you will be barred access from the website and emailed notification of your ban.

    Being banned from the website may also result in a ban on our Discord server.


    Mods will keep an eye on comments and posts to ensure these rules are followed.

    Please report the content using the Report button. Alternatively email us at xCreativeClashx@gmail.com

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